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  • Search interface

    Posted Date: Jun 10, 2010

    All application use a new search interface which allows
    users to store individual search queries.

  • Sourcefabric, formerly

    Posted Date: Jun 10, 2010

    Sourcefabric, formerly known as Campware, has made its first software release since the restructuring and renaming of the organisation, which started over a decade ago as the digital media department of the Media Development Loan Fund.

  • The ActiveSync interface

    Posted Date: Sep 14, 2009

    The ActiveSync interface supports Android based phones from Motorola and HTC now. The CRM application supports exporting data in Excel file format.

  • CMSQLite 1.2.1

    Posted Date: Nov 04, 2008

    CMSQLite 1.2.1 and Update Patch 1.2->1.2.1 released
    The new version 1.2.1 fixes a security issue that might occur manipulating the URL GET variables.

  • look of Tine 2.0.

    Posted Date: Oct 08, 2005

    This release has the final new look of Tine 2.0. Tine 2.0 is using a tabbed interface now and the icons in the toolbar got larger.

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